Hello! I am Royce Schneider, owner of Schneider Farm Fence. I was born and raised on a farm in Walnut Hill, FL. Many years ago, my son Anthony and I started building fences for our own animals. We saw the need for an experienced fence company in northwest Florida and southern Alabama that focuses solely on farm fence and understands the needs of livestock, as well as farmers and ranchers.

Schneider Farm Fence was officially founded in 2006. We eventually discontinued our farming activities to focus only on custom fence building. When you hire us, you aren't hiring a fence builder that "also builds farm fence." Instead, you are hiring livestock fence builders who ONLY build farm fence! 

Expect high-quality workmanship and long-lasting materials

We offer the most durable and economical fences by choosing top-quality materials, such as custom-treated 8' wood line posts with 50% more treatment than standard posts, High-Tensile, Class 3 galvanized wire products that do not rust prematurely like Class 1 wires, and other high-quality hardware.

As farm fence experts, we have the equipment, tools, techniques, and quality wholesale-priced materials that most landowners don't have. For example, a properly-constructed end or corner brace is the first requirement for a lasting, well-built fence. We use a skid-steer-mounted post driver to drive the posts into the ground. We use 10' posts on the end and corner braces, driving them approximately 5' into the ground. This allows us to use high-tensile wire that is tensioned properly, which requires fewer line posts.

You can count on our years of experience and careful workmanship to build you a top-quality, good-looking fence that will provide many years of service with a minimum of upkeep.

We say, "Save your money. Fence it right the first time!"

As a farmer or rancher, you are hard-working and creative, capable of handling many types of projects around your property. You are careful with how you spend your hard-earned dollars. And we know that you want to build things that last. So you may be tempted to build farm fence yourself.

It turns out that it's much more economical to have us build a fence properly to start with, than for you or someone else to build it with inferior materials and inadequate equipment and methods, and then hire us to fix or redo the fence later. When you consider how much a fence costs per each year of its life, we think you'll agree that rather than cut corners now and risk having the fence fail prematurely, it is actually less expensive to "fence it right the first time" by hiring Schneider Farm Fence, the farm fence experts.