Our Fence Company build fences in NW Florida & Southern Alabama including Crestview, Pensacola, Milton, Atmore, Evergreen & Foley

Schneider Farm Fence is able to build almost any type of livestock fence to keep cattle, horses, goats, sheep, and any other type of livestock in, and wild hogs and deer out. We also build property line fencing to restrict vehicle and ATV traffic and install EQIP fencing that meets NRCS environmental guidelines.

A fence built by Schneider Farm Fence will stand up to years of wear and tear. We have developed our fencing standards in our family-owned fence company, first as farmers ourselves, and since 2006, as farm fence experts.

Our fence company serves Crestview, FL; Milton, FL; Pensacola, FL; Foley, AL; Atmore, AL; Evergreen, AL; and the surrounding areas.

What are your fence needs?

  • Cattle fence
  • Horse fence
  • NRCS/EQIP fence
  • Deer/Game fence
  • Property line fence
  • Wild hog exclusion fence

Choose a fence type

  • Field fence: This is a fence that will surround a field of larger livestock, keeping your herd in and unwanted visitors out. It features smaller wire mesh openings closer to the ground to prevent animals from "stepping through" the fence.
  • Electric fence: Add another level of security with an electric fence, deterring more determined predators and keeping all your livestock in.
  • Wood rail fence: This adds a rustic look to your property while still effectively containing your livestock.
  • Barbed wire fence: Difficult to climb or break, barbed wire fences are great for containing livestock
  • Guard rail fence/corrals: You often see this type of fencing used to contain or train livestock.
  • High-tensile smooth wire fence: This is a more animal-friendly version of a barbed-wire fence. It reduces the risk of injury to larger livestock that tends to walk or graze near fencing while still giving you the strength you need.