We build almost any type of livestock fence to keep cattle, horses, goats, sheep and any other type of livestock in, or wild hogs and deer out. We also build property line fencing to restrict vehicle and ATV traffic and install EQIP fence that meets NRCS environmental guidelines. A Schneider Farm Fence will stand up to years of wear. We have developed our fencing standards in our family-owned company, first as farmers ourselves, and since 2006, as farm fence experts. Find out more about our story and philosophy on our About page

Fence needs

Cattle Fence
Horse Fence
Deer / Game Fence
Property Line Fence
Wild Hog Exclusion Fence

Fence types

Field Fence
Electric Fence
Wood Rail Fence
Barbed Wire Fence
Guard Rail Fence / Corrals
High-Tensile Smooth Wire Fence

Expect high-quality materials and lasting build processes

We use our years of experience and careful workmanship to construct top-quality, good-looking fences that will give you many years of service, with a minimum of upkeep. With our equipment, tools, and techniques, we can build more and better fence in less time.

Class 3 galvanized steel

We use only Class 3 galvanized wire, rather than the Class 1 galvanized wire you find at home supply centers. Class 3 galvanized wire is a premium zinc coating that has a minimum of .8 oz per square foot of wire, providing three times more rustproofing than the standard Class 1, which will rust in as little as two years.

Fixed-knot high-tensile wire

We use fixed-knot high tensile wire with a 20-year warranty for wire fence, rather than the traditional hinge-joint fence, because it is more durable. Its one vertical stay from ground to top gives it strength and ridigity. A fixed knot wire joins each line wire to the vertical stay to provide tension and a unique bouce-back quality. In a wind storm or hurricane, or if a tree branch or large animal lands on the fence, the fixed knots in the fence give it the ability to return to its former position when the stress is removed. This type of fence also withstands extremes in temperature without losing its tension.


Stronger 8' line posts than the industry standard

Our shorter 8' posts are special-ordered by us to be treated to .60 cca, which is 50% more than the industry standard for this size. We want all our fences to have line posts that are as durable as utility poles.

Thicker line posts than those you get at the lumber store

Our standard line post has a 4"–5" diameter, which is an inch larger than economy posts. We can even order 5"–6" line posts if needed for your project. Thicker line posts are another way that you know that our fences are stronger and longer lasting.

8' or taller wood posts, always 

We never use a post shorter than 8'. Even if you need a shorter fence, we use our skid steer-mounted post drive to drive the extra length deeper into the ground, resulting in an extra-sturdy fence.

corner and end POSTS driven five feet deep

For end and corner braces, we use brand-new 10' pressure-treated wooden posts that have never been exposed to the elements. They receive the same .60 cca treatment as utility poles. We use a post size that allows us to drive the posts approximately 5 feet into the ground with a skid steer-mounted post driver, keeping them strongly anchored into the ground much deeper than thicker posts would allow. Then we build the brace, using a 12’ long horizontal pole, hot-dipped galvanized brace pins, loops of Class 3 Galvanized High-Tensile wire, and a rustproof wire strainer, creating a good, solid brace, which is the “foundation” of your fence. This allows us to properly tension the High-Tensile wire, which ends up requiring fewer line posts. And you end up with your best fence ever!

No T-Posts, ever

We never use T-posts like the ones you find at the home improvement stores or in lower-quality fence installations. The materials are inferior and the acid produced as the metal deteriorates causes rust at the point where our high-quality wire meets the post. T-posts are also not as rigid as wood posts, so wood line posts are still needed every 10 feet to maintain fence rigidity. And the most serious problem of all is that T-posts can be lethal to horses if they rear up and land directly on the posts. That's why we only use wood posts.

Take advantage of our no-risk estimate

Our fences use the highest-quality materials and lasting techniques as described above. The fence we install is superior to what a typical fence installer offers, so the expense of a long-lasting fence results in lower costs over the fence's lifetime. Every fencing project is unique, so we avoid giving "ballpark figures." Instead, with some basic information from you, and with the help of Google Earth, we can usually give you a very accurate quote, right from our office, before we even come to your site.

If that quote looks good to you, we are happy to come to your place to meet with you, show you samples of the wire, and look over your situation in person. At that meeting, we may make further suggestions about your project and can adjust the quote if needed.

We're provide this information for free and without obligation of any kind because good decisions are based on good numbers! We tell you what we have to offer and for what price and then you can make an informed decision. There is absolutely no obligation or pressure to buy; that's just not who we are or how we run our family-owned business.